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This page is by no means comprehensive -- it is a snapshot of our values. We are updating this page throughout the course of this campaign; check in later for more updates!

Housing For All

The people of Los Angeles have long been suffering. We are deep in a housing and poverty crisis. Much of our city council's response has been the same exact criminalization of poverty as the council's actions in the 1950s.


Our system is broken and it is beyond time that we take meaningful action. As your Councilmember I will:


  • End "anti-camping" laws and encampment sweeps known as 41.18. City Ordinance 41.18 is a harmful practice that is not a real solution. No one wants to see people living on our streets. In order to make that a reality, we must develop a plan that treats people like people.

  • Protect existing renters (universal just cause protections, rent control, right to counsel).

  • Explore how community-driven social housing can become reality in District 2.

  • Together with the help of mutual aid organizations, we must create enough housing with supportive services that build relationships to uplift the most disenfranchised members of our community.

  • Support community land trusts in their efforts to buy property for affordable housing.

  • Fix the gaps in our Foster Care system to ensure foster children don’t fall into homelessness.

Transportation and Access Justice

The Valley is expansive and traveling as a cyclist or pedestrian can be life-threatening, but it doesn't have to be. The status quo of a car-first approach to urban design is not only harmful to the environment, but it is harmful to any Angeleno who simply wants to walk or bike through their own neighborhood.

We can have streets that are safer while uplifting ADA compliance for our neighbors with mobility needs. We can and will do better when we:


  • Support fare-free access to LA Metro and support Healthy Streets LA.

  • Create protected bike lanes across well-tread corridors, dedicated bus lanes, improved bus stops, and updated bus shelters.

  • Implement a proactive approach to sidewalk repairs; rethinking public squares with accessible-first design priorities.

  • Remove all hostile architecture in public spaces.

  • Support the High Speed Rail that will pass through NoHo.

Climate Justice

Taking care of our environment is paramount to our community’s health, but to our survival. Good climate policy improves the daily lives of Angelenos. It's really that simple. If we work together, a greener LA is achievable if we:


  • Expand much needed green spaces in new developments and parks across District 2.

  • Cap all harmful abandoned oil wells and establish jobs programs for workers, and further transitioning out of the fossil fuel industry.

  • Prioritize housing and urban living infrastructure development near transit hubs.

  • Improve energy efficiency for all homes and retrofitting for older homes.

  • Expand water capture programs to send water into the San Fernando Aquifer, not our streets.


Being a good neighbor means that we must leave our land in a better place than we found it for future generations to thrive.

Gender and LGBTQ Justice


We’ve lived through decades of hate and socio-economic disparity. It’s time to close the wage gap, support women’s rights by reinstating Roe v Wade, denounce rising trans hate by supporting people for who they are. We can achieve this by:

  • Pressing the LA City Council to establish a dedicated LGBTQ Issues Committee. Los Angeles is supposed to be a leader in progress for our LGBTQ neighbors, and yet their issues are relegated to the Civil Rights, Equity, Immigration, Aging and Disability committee -- a committee that is clearly overstuffed in its portfolio and needs to be broken apart. It's time to lead and put a focus on such a large and important demographic in our city.

  • Holding employers accountable for wage theft and wage discrimination citywide with consequences and fines that increase for repeat violations.

  • Expanding and enhancing supportive services, reentry, and housing for BIPOC women, marginalized genders and LGBTQ+ residents.

  • Expanding access to reproductive and gender affirming care.

Public Safety


Safety is not simply about an approach to crime response. It is about crime prevention by addressing the socio-economic disparities that enable crime. Our approach is harm reduction and restorative solutions to safety. Arrest should not have to be our first choice, instead we can:


  • Expand and prioritize intimate partner violence crisis response.

  • Support, expand, and fund unarmed civilian mental health mobile response teams citywide.

  • Establish overdose prevention centers with full time addiction treatment professionals.

  • Remove armed officers from schools and traffic stops.

  • Build reintegration programs for formerly incarcerated Angelenos to break the cycle of recidivism.

Immigration and Indigenous Justice


Los Angeles is a Sanctuary City and we need to stay true to that. We need to support our immigrant communities because they are the backbone of this city. We must:

  • End all city cooperation with ICE and DHS, including current and future city vendors.

  • Improve and expand translation services at all public meetings, starting with City Council meetings.

  • Enfranchise noncitizen residents to vote in city elections.

Additionally, we are living on sacred indigenous land and must work towards healing the wounds that we have caused indigenous communities. We can do this by:

  • Uplifting Indigenous voices every opportunity we get.

  • Creating and funding city-led efforts to preserve the languages of indigenous peoples from the lands Los Angeles currently occupies.

Racial Justice


Black, Brown and AAPI communities have long been ignored by our political system. This has caused these communities to become disenfranchised and not want to participate in their local government. Their lived experiences are a valuable untapped resource and their engagement is key to a better Los Angeles. We must reinvest in these communities by:

  • Uplift Black and Brown voices by creating programs to register voters in disenfranchised neighborhoods and encouraging them to become civically involved.

  • Explore Universal Basic Income for those who are below the poverty level.

  • Establish programs that buy back medical and credit card debt that disproportionately harm Black and Brown communities.

  • Support the People's Budget LA.

  • Support efforts to lower our incarcerated population and close Men's Central Jail, with residents of color a disproportionately represented demographic.

Family and Education

  • The family dynamic has changed in the last few decades. Recognizing different family structures and empowering them to take partnership in their communities is of the utmost importance.

  • Invest in our youth by establishing programs to teach financial literacy, civic engagement, mentorship, and job training.

  • Making sure arts, theater, music, and sports has a place in every school.

  • Supporting our students of color and LGBTQ students with counseling, care, and protection from hate.

  • Supporting our low-income students with free or low-cost programs that keep them fed, sheltered, learning, and thriving. Just surviving is not enough.

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